Mechanical Psychosis.

Mechanical Psychosis

He sat motionless in front of that distant lake, his face trembling. There was nothing but the hush of the night and the biting cold wind to be heard. Reeling at the weight of his thoughts and anxieties. Is there a point to existence, or is it all just a joke?

He has no idea how long it’s been. If he’d been here before or if this was his first time, he couldn’t remember. Each time he sat down, he couldn’t tell if it was him or another man.

It appeared to him that a guy was reflected in the water, and he also observed a cloudy reflection next to it. As large as the sky, he gazed into a mirror.

The scene completely changed in an instant. Flames trailed after a group of people as they ran through the streets. When they were hurling themselves into the lake, it looked like they were fleeing from Hell, as if their skin was falling off their bodies.

When he gazed up into the sky, he saw what appeared to be a plane from the 1950s groaning in the distance. It causes something to fall out of it. After that, he was blind.

Regaining consciousness, he found himself staring at the lake and his own unchanging image as he awoke yet again. What a bizarre, non-human face you have there.

What did you think of it? In his exhausted state, he wondered whether he had dreamed, or whether his head had become clogged with thoughts of his past.

When he returned, he was looking for some clue as to how he ended up here. It didn’t do anything. Moreover, nothing works.

He took a long, thoughtful look at his forearms. It’s shaking for no apparent reason. Is this a result of apprehension? We don’t know. Moreover, what exactly is fear, in the end?

There was a sudden mechanical clatter. What is the origin of this? He scoured the area and discovered nothing out of the ordinary. When he glanced at the water, he heard a sound that seemed almost mechanical but was actually caused by a drop of water dropping on the lake.

That drop alters and distorts the reflection.

That drop’s descending waves had a far-reaching effect on the lake, he realized. Everything in its vicinity is affected by it. His chair, the sky, and his own hands all felt the force of his wrath. He had a warped perspective on everything.

What do you think? Were his hands trembling? Prior to that, though, it had been shaking. Possibly.

Is the time he perceives real?

The picture around him changed. He thought he was in another place, another time period. Swords and knights.. blood everywhere.. killing, wounding and groaning.

And human body parts.

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