Mechanical Psychosis.

Mechanical Psychosis

He was sitting pale-faced in front of that distant lake. It was nothing but the sound of silence and the cold wind. Overwhelmed by his thoughts and obsessions. Does life has meaning or is it absurd?

He doesn’t know how many days have passed. He didn’t know if he was here before or if it was the first time. He didn’t know if it was him sitting or if it was another man each time.

He saw a reflection of a man in the water and that reflection of the clouds next to his pale image. He was looking at a mirror as big as the sky

Suddenly the picture changed. A group of people running around appeared with flames running behind them. Their skin is shedding from their bodies, they were throwing themselves in the lake, as if it were an image of escaping Hell.

He looked at the sky and saw a plane as if it was from the fifties era, groaning from afar. Something goes down from it. Then he lost sight.

He woke up again and found himself still sitting staring at the water and his unchanged image. That strange face that is no longer human.

See what that was? Was it a dream, or was his tired mind drowning in his troubles that haunted him repeatedly.

He came back trying to remember what brought him here. It was of no use. And nothing works.

He looked at his forearms in slow contemplation. Why is it shaking? Is it fear? From what or whom? And what is fear after all?

Suddenly a mechanical buzz. From where it came? He looked around, but found nothing strange. He looked at the water and found a drop of water simply falling on the river making a noise similar to that mechanical sound but more natural.

Its reflection is changed and distorted by that drop.

He felt that the frequency of the falling waves of that drop was not only affecting the water. It has an effect on everything around it. Impact in his chair, in the sky, and in his own hands. He saw everything in a distorted manner.

So…did his hands tremble? But it was trembling before that. Did it?

Is his perception of time real?

The picture around him changed and it seemed to him that he was in another place.. another era of time.. swords and knights.. blood everywhere.. killing, wounding and groaning.

And human body parts.

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